29 Arlington Road

  • Rae Powers

  • 29 Arlington Road

  • Rae Powers is graduating from Parsons The New School with Bachelor Degrees in Photography and Cultural Media Studies. Growing up in a small town called Cranford, New Jersey her work is centered around her childhood home and the memories kept within those walls. Using her family archive and playing with time and memory, she is starting to see how the relationship to certain spaces have begun to change with age. Rae is Co-President of the student organization, Photofeast, which curates film festivals and bi-annual PinUp’s giving students in the greater NYC area outlets to showcase their work.

  • 29 Arlington Road is a series of photographs that documents the home in which I grew up as we emptied and finally sold it. The work consists of the final moments within a childhood home and the memories of the lives that were lived there.
    My parents lived in one section and my grandma lived in another, but I lived in both. The constraints of family drama divided the house in a way that made navigating it sometimes difficult. Over the past two years, my family has been cleaning out the spaces which we occupied.
    After the loss of my grandmother over 6 years ago, the closing of this house was not just a sale but a final goodbye to her and the life we made there.