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Young Photographers Alliance 2014 Summer Mentoring Program

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The Young Photographers Alliance Mentoring Program picks up where school leaves off by providing the opportunity to work with some of today’s most successful professionals. The program takes place over the course of the summer pairing up college level students with industry professionals. You will meet as a team for a series of 6-8 two hour sessions over the course of 8-12 weeks.

You must have a flexible schedule and be willing to devote necessary time to complete the program and follow instructions provided to you by YPA and your mentors.

The Young Photographers Alliance 2014 mentoring theme will explore what “boundaries” means to emerging photographers. Boundaries can help us define ourselves as well as delineate borders. They indicate where one can or cannot go or should or should not go.

For this project we encourage the participants to explore their inner selves and show us what “boundaries” evoke through their eyes and in their personal vision.

In addition, we’d like the photographers to share their photos with the community they are documenting. What are some of the ways in which the work can be marketed; a photo-essay in the local paper, an exhibition at a local gallery, a fundraiser for a local nonprofit? The goal of this mentoring initiative is not only about creating great images, but also about learning the business of photography as well as the value of marketing work to the general public.


****If interested please look at the .PDF below for more information****

YPA 2014 Mentoring Program Recruitment – Boundaries



Fill out the online application at: To apply you must submit one letter of recommendation, a short write up on how you might approach the theme, and 5-10 images from your existing portfolio, (images do not have to apply to boundaries theme). DEADLINE MAY 12th!

 Submitting an application is no guarantee of acceptance. You must be located in or near a team location in order to participate in the program.

 YPA has team locations in the areas listed on the left.

 Membership is required to apply to the program. “YPA 21” membership gives you access to our programs and educational lectures. Cost is $21.

 You will be notified about your acceptance no later than May 26, 2014.


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