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Video: Our amazing printmaking artist in residence, Sue Coe!

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Check out our video with printmaking visiting artist and activist, Sue Coe. We’re lucky to have her!

For a quarter century Sue Coe has explored factory farming, meat packing, apartheid, sweat shops, prisons, AIDS and war in her artwork.  Her commentary on political events and social injustice is published in newspapers, magazines and books, and the results of her investigations are hung in museum and gallery exhibitions, or are auctioned off to raise funds for a variety of progressive causes.

Her published books include:

  • How to Commit Suicide in South Africa (with Holly Metz). (1984)
  • Meat: Animals and Industry (with Mandy Coe). (1991)
  • Dead Meat. (1996)
  • Pit’s Letter. (2000)
  • Bully!: Master of the Global Merry-Go-Round (with Judith Brody). (2004)
  • Sheep of Fools (with Judith Brody). (2005)
  • Cruel: Bearing Witness to Animal Exploitation

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