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Independent Study – Open Source Release

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Faculty: Levi Gross


6 students will be chosen to participate in a very special competitive IS to work closely with Levi Gross, an experienced industry expert on the final development and release of software to the open source community. The software package, DataMyne, has been live on the Parsons site since 2010 and provides a ‘big picture view’ of the people, courses and projects here at Parsons. Developed to date by fellow students and faculty, we will be releasing this software to other Universities by Summer 2013. The goals of the IS will be to ensure system level security, provide detailed documentation, expansion of profiles within the system, and providing release information on the website.

Students should have web development experience, preferably in Django or Python, though a range of skills is appreciated.


Send an email application with the subject line “DataMyne IS” by January 18th with 1) your name, year level, program 2) a short statement of your interest in the project and how your background and skillset would contribute to the collaborative team. 3) your resume 4) a url to a web portfolio of your work to:

Levi Gross (

Jess Irish (

Jane Pirone (


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