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The IEC and IEEE announce global competition

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The IEC and IEEE announce a global competition open to academics centred on the theme:

How does electrotechnology impact economic, social and environmental development?

The IEC is organising a Challenge together with IEEE that is open to global academia. They are looking for academic publications (4000 words) that analyse how electrotechnology is impacting our lives, how we work, innovate, communicate, interact, trade, travel, use energy, etc. and the role international standards are playing in this context.

The top 3 prizes get $25,000, $15,000 and $10,000. You can find all relevant information on the Challenge website:

Within the context of the theme of the Challenge “How does electrotechnology impact economic, social and environmental
development?” submitted papers may cover a large range of topics.

Hereafter a non-exhaustive list of potential subject matters:
Fundamental research and development
Energy efficiency and climate change mitigation
Energy security and public health
Roll-out of renewables and Smart Grids
Waste management and environmental preservation
Case studies showing where electrotechnology and standardization helped solve real-world challenges, including their financial and economic impact
Economic growth and GDP
Research & Development
Laws and regulations
Safety of populations
Technology transfer and information exchange
Corporate efficiency and competitiveness
Ability to innovate and export

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