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"Play Station" Show at Postmasters Gallery

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AMT-ers! Check out the current show at Postmasters Gallery, titled “Play Station.” It is a group show and faculty, Ernesto Klar did one of the installation pieces featured in the show.

Postmasters has the pleasure to present “Play Station”: a collection of 12 game and play related pieces by 12 digital artists from all over the world. We would call them “interactive”, except nobody likes that word anymore… We would call them “fun and exciting”, but that would sound contrived and corporate… We would call them “post-video-game”, but that would sound offensively academic. So we will not say anything about them except that you can play with them all you want at Postmasters Gallery from December 8th through 22nd.

Featuring recent playable art projects by MIKE BERADINOp, MAURO CEOLIN, MARY FLANAGAN, TRAVIS HALLENBECK, JEREMIAH JOHNSON, ERNESTO KLAR, JOE MCKAY, JASON ROHRER, RAFAËL ROZENDAAL, EDDO STERN and CJ YEH, plus bonus selected objects from PAUL SLOCUM’S early videogame collection.

Not interactive and fun enough for you? On December 8th during the opening, the exhibition will be supplemented by Bring Your Own Beamer: Games Edition. BYOB is a series of one-night-exhibitions started by Rafaël Rozendaal where artists come together Salon-style with their video projectors. For this iteration of BYOB, we are asking participants to bring their projector with interesting and unusual video games to show and play. This BYOB event is open to anyone with a projector. If you would like to participate RSVP to with some information about what you plan to show on your beamer.

Postmasters Gallery located at 459 West 19th Street between 9 and 10 Avenues is open Tuesday through Saturday 11 – 6 Please contact Magdalena Sawon or Paulina Bebecka with questions and image requests

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