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Summer Opps at Institute of Play – Info Session on Wed., March 23

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Paid Summer Opportunities for work in game design, mobile media, and teens.

Parsons Design and Technology faculty Katie Salen will be holding an informational meeting around paid summer opps around her research next WEDNESDAY, March 23 at 6pm on the 10th floor of 2 W. 13th street.

Mobile Quest: a week-long mobile game design camp for 6th graders.
We are seeking game design savvy instructors with an interest in working with tweens and mobile platforms. The camp runs daily from 9am-1pm July 25-29. The camp combines work with paper-based prototyping, big games, and understanding the basics of web-enabled mobile devices. Parsons faculty Katie Salen, Dave Carroll, and Michie Pagulayan are part of this project.

Create Your Code: a week-long code camp for 7th and 8th graders.
We are looking for instructors with an interest and experience teaching basic programming concepts to teens. The camp runs daily from 2-5pm July 25-29 and will likely involve a choice of instruction in Actionscript 3, Processing, and/or Java. Parsons faculty Katie Salen and Michie Pagulayan are part of this project.

Gaming SMALLab: Flash developer
SMALLab is a mixed reality environment installed at the middle school Quest to Learn in Chelsea. We are looking for 1 or 2 designers skilled in Flash to work with our team to convert a set of games written in processing and Java into Flash format this summer. Game design expertise is a bonus. Parsons faculty Katie Salen, Michie Pagulayan and Kyle Li are part of this project.

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