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SPLICE Panel Discussion

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Ælab’s 2011 tactile audio installation Dark Room

Corresponding with the SPLICE exhibition, there will be a panel discussion on Friday September 20 at 7 P.M. in Theresa Lang Center 55 W 13th Street, 2nd floor.  Along with MFADT 2013 alumni Aisen Caro Chacin, the panel will include participating artists Ælab, and Eric Fong.

SPLICE: At the threshold of Art and Medicine project presents a scientific gaze of the human body by showcasing historic anatomical art as both complemented and challenged by international contemporary artworks. The SPLICE exhibition and the thematically linked discussions aim to investigate changing corporeal perceptions influenced by scientific, social, political and cultural interpretations. Nina Czegledy curator introduces SPLICE, exhibiting artists: Ælab: Gisèle Trudel and Stéphane Claude of Montreal and Eric Fong of London, will discuss their art projects with the participatory audience.

Ælab: Gisèle Trudel and Stéphane Claude are a collaborative art research unit.  Ælab’s commitment to collaboration, creative dissemination, and innovative use of technologies are ways of thinking and doing that try to bridge the arts and sciences. Their tactile audio installation, Dark Room transmit six low-frequency under a platform , which audiences are invited to lay down on. Eric Fong is a visual artists based in London. Fong’s art practice explores issues relating to identity and difference, the body, health and disability. His sculpture Phantom RHO: 2001 is a part of a series of sculptures that reference the phantom limb – phenomenon through absent body parts – hollow spaces within solid blocks of transparent acrylic resin. Both Dark Room and Phantom RHO: 2001 are in the SPLICE exhibition.

The exhibition SPLICE: At the Intersection  of Art & Medicine is being shown at Pratt Manhattan Gallery from September 20 – November 9, 2013. Participating contemporary artists include: Ælab: Gisèle Trudel and Stéphane Claude, Jack Burman, Jack Butler; Andrew Carnie, Joyce Cutler-Shaw, Dana Claxton, Orshi Drozdik, Eric Fong, Terry Kurgen, Patricia Olynyk, Piotr Wyrzykowski; and participating anatomical artists include: Elizabeth Blackstock, Dorothy Foster Chubb, Marguerite Drummond, Nancy Joy, Eila Hopper-Ross, and Maria Wishart.

For more information about the exhibition, please contact Pratt Manhattan Gallery.


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