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SIGNAL PATH: The Present and Future of SOUND and NOISE [or, Fury]

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Friday, May 30, 9 AM- 5PM

T. Lang Conference room, 55 West 13th Street, second floor, New York City

Free and open to the public


Elliott Sharp, Perry Hall, Joe Ravo, Eldritch Priest, Marc Couroux, Quinn Dougherty,

Brendan Byrne, Joe Saavedra; Danil Nagy, Lisa Ekle, Yuval Borochov;

Punctum Records Artists: Roger Sellars, Topher Sipes, Andrew Stevens


Center for Transformative Media/Parsons The New School for Design [Ed Keller] with Punctum Records/Books [Eileen Joy, Dan Rudmann]


What is the signal path- the ‘information flow’ through ‘instruments’? What models and disciplines might be useful to invoke when asking this question?  This symposium offers an invitation to explore the space of research and practice in sound that is keenly attuned to the value of ‘noise’.  The intention is to reveal approaches both pragmatic as well as platforms theoretic,  across the political/arts/sciences spectrum. How can we re-imagine our concepts and definitions of ‘noise’ to suit the unique geo-bio-political situation we find ourselves in today?

The SIGNAL PATH symposium is part of a year long CTM series, ’The Future of Guitar and Instrument Design’, that has brought internationally renowned luthiers, designers, builders, materials innovators, composers, performers, theorists, and sound designers together to explore points of connection between the traditions of musical instrument design and sound production.


The New School T. Lang Center, 13th Street: SIGNAL PATH all day event

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