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Read a Fellow Graphic Design Student’s Experience at Parsons

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Jenny Barroll, a current Graphic Design student wrote a blog post fo Kasia Gruda’s Process and Skills course in the Graphic Design Program. The blog post entitled: “The Learning Curve – My Experience at Parsons” goes on to say:

Becoming a Graphic Design student at Parsons is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I am not going to lie, it definitely is a challenge and a big change. Imagine a place where your participation is important but also the message and the work you create; This is Parsons.

The thing I like about being a Parsons student is that the teachers really want to help you make the best design and reach your full potential. Even if you meet the requirements for an assignment, students are treated the way it is in the real world. It has been a huge transition for me because I am not used to teachers being so involved in the creative process. I am still learning how to let others be apart of that.

I finally let my guard down and took someone’s artistic advice and I’m glad I did!

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