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Parsons’ Curatorial Design Research Lab Presents: CURATORIAL SLAM!

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2nd Annual CDRL Curatorial Slam!

Friday, April 22, 2016

4:00-7:00 om

The Orozco Room (A712)/66 W. 12th Street

Parsons’ Curatorial Design Research Lab (CDRL) is a community of practice comprised of faculty, staff and students from across The New School whose research expands the field of contemporary curatorial practice to include activities that lie both within and beyond the white cube. CDRL is proud to host its Second Annual CURATORIAL SLAM! ­­ a lively array of fast­paced ideas and images mixed with drinks and delectables. This public event offers a sampling of diverse curatorial models recently developed by New School community members, from international site­specific platforms to participatory online exchanges to research projects. Topics include explorations of local ecologies, gentrification, incarceration, global political histories and reticent artistic practices. Pecha Kucha­style presentations will be followed by a “happy hour” reception and informal discussion.

Participants Include:

  • Laura Belik (MA Design Studies, ADHT, Parsons)
  • Quizayra Gonzalez (MA Design Studies, ADHT, Parsons)
  • Veija Kusama-Morris (BA Film/Global Studies, Eugene Lang College)
  • Laura Sanchez  (MA Design Studies, ADHT, Parsons)
  • Elizabeth Caroscio (MA History of Design + Curatorial Studies, ADHT, Parsons)
  • Rachel Hunnicutt – (MA History of Design + Curatorial Studies, ADHT, Parsons)
  • Rowan Katz (BA Culture and Media, Eugene Lang College)
  • Lydia Matthews (Professor of Visual Culture, AMT, Parsons)
  • Gabrielle Bendiner-Viani (Principal, Buscada; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Urban Studies, SPE)
  • Christiane Paul (Associate Professor / Associate Dean, School of Media Studies, SPE)
  • Fernando do Campo (MFA Fine Arts, AMT, Parsons)
  • Melanie Crean (Asst. Professor of Communication Design and Technology, AMT, Parsons)
  • Margot Bouman (Program Director Visual Studies, Eugene Lang College, Assistant Professor of Visual Culture, ADHT, Parsons)
  • Macushla Robinson (MA in Liberal Studies, NSSR)

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