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Paid Internships at The Met – Juniors and Seniors

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The Museum offers forty-one paid internships for undergraduate and master’s-degree students each year. Interns commence in June and are placed in host departments where they work closely with supervisors on special and ongoing projects. All paid interns also participate in MuSe (Museum Seminars) and receive training to teach in the Museum’s galleries. Individuals selected for paid internships have the opportunity to meet and network with one another through MuSe and other intern events.  Note that Juniors should apply for the Summer internships, while Seniors should consider the long-term internships.

The Museum offers four internship tracks within the internship program:

Please select the track that best matches your qualifications and interests. The Summer Mentoring Program for College Juniors requires a separate application.

The application deadline for all paid internships for college and graduate students at the Main Building is January 9, 2014, at 4:00 p.m. (EST). We will not accept applications after the deadline.

Apply online.

International Applicants
Internships at the Metropolitan Museum are open to international applicants. Every foreign national who does not have the legal status to hold an internship and is accepted as a paid or unpaid intern must obtain a J-1 visa to participate in The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s internship program. Although the Museum will act as your host institution, we cannot sponsor your visa. To participate in the Exchange Visitor Program (J-1 visa program), you must go through an outside agency that has been authorized by the State Department to sponsor your J-1 trainee visa. These sponsors are responsible for supporting and monitoring foreign nationals during their exchange programs in the United States. We recommend that you consult with the U.S. embassy in your home country to determine which visa will allow you to participate in this internship. Please be aware that obtaining a visa is usually a lengthy process and can cost upwards of US$1,500; it must be completed well in advance of the internship start date.

Internships for college and graduate students are made possible by Ittleson Foundation, The Tianaderrah Foundation, The Billy Rose Foundation, The Lebensfeld Foundation, and The Solow Art and Architecture Foundation.

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