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“Ouartet” & “Olympia/Sleep” in Kellen Gallery, Friday (May 17) 1pm & 4pm

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Two interactive performances will be going on in Kellen Gallery on Friday. The first, by Daniel Carrol, questions people’s senses and demonstrates how modifying their vision instinctively assigns them a new voice and role within a collective. The second, by Robert Hickerson (Co-conspirator behind the “Fine Arts Senior Nudie Calendar”), requires the viewer to actively view the performers through a literal lens, as well as a figurative lens of gender and power roles and representations. More details below.

Daniel Udell will also be in the gallery in the early afternoon and evening conducting more Wikitongues interviews.


May 17th, 1pm 
Crossing Screens: Selected Performances, Presentations and Workshops 
Daniel Carroll 
Interactive Performance

Kellen Gallery, 2W 13th Street, ground floor

Quartet questions people’s senses and how modifying their vision instinctively assigns them a new voice and role within a collective. In the performance, I blindfold three participants and lead them through a series of meditative sensory exercises, where they are simply told to interact with the space and each other. This piece acts as an attempt to train and condition my performers to communicate and work together, which results in an improvised dance that ultimately slows down their consciousness of time. Using blindfolds to hinder their vision, I unpack their personal vulnerabilities in attempt to observe their individuality within the collective, to reconstruct their actions under the premeditated conditions. I challenge them to see and move through alternative forms of perception, and ultimately find their voice and position within the composition



May 17th, 4-6pm
Crossing Screens: Selected Performances, Presentations and Workshops 
Robert Hickerson
“Objekt Permanence” 

Kellen Gallery, 2W 13th Street, ground floor

Objekt Permanence presents Olympia / Sleep, a performance work which revives and re-imagines Olympia (1863) by Édouard Manet and Le Sommeil (Sleep) (1866) by Gustave Courbet. Working through several iterations of the two masterpieces, Objekt Permanence will question the gender and power roles found within the original works. This performance, only viewed through the lens of a camera, will prompt the viewer to challenge their already made associations to the paintings, while also exhibiting a reclaiming of the objectified female body found within both works. Hidden within a large construction, Objekt Permanence’s Olympia/Sleep will also question the nature of performance art as the performance is only witnessed through documentation made by audience participation.

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 2.44.18 AM

May 17th, 12-1pm and 5-6pm
Daniel Udell
Wikitongues Interviews

Wikitongues is a nascent effort to document the world’s languages as fluid vehicles of self-expression. I started this project because our world, carved into nation-states and connected by the Internet, is defined by far-reaching politics and borderless communication, a global society driven by the phenomenon of identity. Language, a tool that empowers individuals and defines communities, is that phenomenon’s foremost manifestation.
On display in Kellen Gallery is a sample of the project: ten short videos of individuals elaborating, in their native languages, on the concept of home. As a supplement, I have included a booklet containing the native-language transcript of each video alongside its English translation. It should be noted, however, that Wikitongues is not intended as an anglocentric project – rather, I included English to make the interviews accessible to this particular audience.
I will be present at this location on Thursday, May 16th, Friday, May 17th, and Tuesday, May 21st from 12 – 1 PM and 5 – 6 PM with my camera and tripod, collecting footage for more interviews. Regardless of which language you speak or sign, I would be honored for you to join me.
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