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MFA DT Symposium, Friday and Saturday with Keynote Speaker Joi Ito

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The School of Art, Media and Technology and MFA DT are thrilled to have Joi Ito, activist, entrepreneur, venture capitalist and Director of the MIT Media Lab as Keynote Speaker for the MFA Design and Technology Symposium this Saturday.

This is a big deal for Parsons DT to have Joi Ito as our symposium keynote speaker. Traditionally we’ve invited an alumni to speak at our symposium keynote. Since Joi is being honored with a degree from The New School at commencement, we jumped at the opportunity to invite him to our keynote. The MIT Media Lab is an important institution that we really admire. Our curriculum and practice is really influenced by people coming out of the Media Lab. This keynote shows how the Parsons DT program has really matured in the field of graduate programs and starting to feel more comfortable at the top.

I’m looking forward to Joi’s perspective on how an art and design school may compare and contrast from an engineering school in its approach to practices and interests that we share. I know he’s a great speaker and have fun making the bold attempt to make sense of our crazy DT program. It will be a great way to cap off this class’ thesis year. They’ve worked so hard and produced some amazing work that I’m really proud to show the director of the MIT Media Lab.

–MFA DT Director Dave Carroll

Check out the schedule for today and tomorrow, and catch the live stream here!



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