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O’Reilly Supports BFA DT Graduate’s “Computer Skills”

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Why was recent BFA DT grad Charles Broskoski recently profiled by O’Reilly Media? For his BFA Thesis, “Computer Skills”, Charles read 356 O’Reilly books in 400 days.

“In an email to Tim O’Reilly earlier last month, Charles, 25, described an intriguing (and yes, flattering) performing art project. ‘I am reading over 300 O’Reilly e-books on the computer, sometimes two or three a day,’ he wrote. ‘To document this process, I take notes (also on the computer) and various photographs and screen shots.’

Charles had only one request. He wrote that his art project–now called ‘Computer Skills’–would be on display at Manhattan’s Chelsea Art Gallery. He hoped we’d help him communicate his artistic intentions by supplying physical copies of the books he’d read in time for the May 14 opening.”

Well, how could we resist putting the books we love into an art piece? Folks at O’Reilly Media located 250 of the books in a hurry, got them packed into 13 boxes, and sent them on their way. I also used the opportunity to talk to Charles and learn more about his motivations for what must be the geekiest performance art book piece on record.”

Read the rest of the interview (and look for the CDT shout-outs) here: The O’Reilly Interview

Charles’ thesis project site:

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