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Omega Darling Seeks Animation and Coding Interns!

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Omega Darling is a design-driven post-production boutique, specializing in animation and visual effects. We bring together a diverse group of artists to collaborate with clients, from concept to delivery, to produce fresh, visceral, and compelling work.

Known for our innovative attitude and building creative tools to challenge the scope of any project, we work with a broad range of clients in the advertising, broadcast, film and entertainment industries.

They also are jam-packed with Parsons alums! Find out more here!

They are looking for….

Junior Animation Production intern:
We’re looking for someone who’s interested in becoming a production manager for animated commercials and television shows.  Skills necessary are good communication skills, knowledge of spreadsheets, ability to create schedules.  Your job would be to learn as many of the ins and outs of a post production studio, so that you could communicate with clients and help create calendars for ongoing projects. We’d be looking to turn this intern into a full-time employee within a year.
Motion capture Coding intern:

We’re looking for someone with python-coding skills and an interest (but not necessarily experience) in real-time animation techniques.  We work directly in Maya, but we’re also building pipelines from iPiSoft Motion Capture, Faceshift, and the Leap motion controller.  C++ skills would be a bonus.

Email for more information or to apply.

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