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Meet Omega Darling, Darling of Parsons Alums!

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Omega Darling is an animation and visual effects company with a serious Parsons connection! Four out of their seven team members are Parsons alums, and the founder, Zach Shukan, taught CG courses here as well.

Jassiel McBride (Animator) – Illustration 2014
Mangus Atom (Lead CG) – DT 2012
Adrian Smith (Associate Art Director) – Illustration 2013
Alexander Smith (Art Director) – Illustration 2012
Zach Shukan – (Founder) – Parsons CG Teacher 2008-2012

You may recognize the names of Adrian and Alex Smith from a previous post about their short film.

Find out more about who they all are and what they do on their sizzle reel! Oh and, they’re currently looking for interns! 

A sampling of their clients, below.

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