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NRM Gallery Presents a Screening of Parsons Alum Film – Wednesday

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BHONER film still, ©Colin Shields 2013

NRM Gallery is proud to present a screening of BHONER, a film by 2012 Parsons Alum Colin Shields. The screening will be this Wednesday, March 20th at 9pm in the Kellen Auditorium. Following the screening will be a Q&A with the director, and several members of the cast and crew. Shields had this to say when asked about the film:

In the summer of 2012, several film reels, badly damaged, were found in the attic of a recently deceased, mentally ill, conservative, Christian woman. On the reels were the remains of a motion picture, produced circa 1997. Even with much effort, only 48 minutes of the original six hours of footage were salvageable. This footage has been restored and the resulting film posthumously titled, BHONER.

BHONER film still, ©Colin Shields 2013

BHONER is an epic of conservative, Christian values and an allegory in the vein of C.S. Lewis and The Bible. It is a cautionary tale about the dangers of homosexuality and violence that plays ironically upon the elements of the slasher films and teen rom-coms of its day. It is a rare experience, a post-modern achievement, and a landmark in the annals of Film.

BHONER film still, ©Colin Shields 2013

Though much of the story has been destroyed by time and cat piss, the restoration retains much of its original plot. Kisses, an impressionable teenage girl, is sent to Summer School by her overbearing and histrionic mother. She finds herself homosexually attracted to one of her schoolmates, Poppy, and pursues her. At a social carousal, Kisses is struck by homosexual delusions and believes that the murderer of her father (actually a suicide; most likely gay) is stalking Poppy. After being humiliated by means of a social intrigue crafted by a schoolgirl named Dimple, Poppy loses her mind and convinces Kisses to kill everyone.

The screening is free of charge and will start at 9pm, after the Visiting Artist Lecture,

this Wednesday, March 20th, at Kellen Auditorium (66 5th Avenue, at 13th street).

There will be a Q&A directly following the film.

Be there, it is going to be so BHONER.

BHONER film still, ©Colin Shields 2013

Check out to view the trailer, and the NRM Gallery FaceBook page for updates.


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