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MFA DT Students’ 3D printing “Quasi” featured on

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Congratulations to Enrica Beccalli and Roula Gholmieh for having their project featured on the top site for 3D printing technology:


It’s called Quasi (as in a quasi-object, quasi-human), and this 3D printed robot is programmed to love humans. Well, it loves them when you’re around it. As soon as you leave the room, it gets seriously pissed off and sends you angry or insulting emails until you return. It sounds a bit like an unnatural robot, as people generally like constructions that are programmed assist you or to do jobs you don’t like. They give you an aggrandized sense of self-importance. But Quasi is exactly the opposite, as it all revolves around itself. While not serving a direct function, it does make you think twice about what robots are and of course about what their potential is.

Please check out the feature here!

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