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It’s that time of year again: Boot Camp! Meet Dave Carroll, one of the program’s leaders.

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By Rachel Signer

It’s that time of year again: Boot Camp! Starting last week and going on for two more weeks, students getting ready to enter the AMT MFA program will be brushing up on their skills in web development and interactive design. Below, learn a bit about Dave Carroll, Director of the MFA Design and Technology graduate program and Associate Professor of Media Design within AMT, who along with Michie Pagulayan is leading the program.

What is your role in Boot Camp?

Dave Carroll whips new students into shape during Boot Camp

Dave Carroll: As Director of the program, I’ve recruited and admitted the incoming students into the program and prepared them for Bootcamp. I reviewed, hired and mentored the Teaching Fellows from the rising second-year graduate students on the Bootcamp curriculum and pedagogy across the three units of Design, Web and Code. I serve more as a figurehead during Bootcamp, letting Michie Pagulayan lead the operations.

What is the most exciting part about Boot Camp?

Observing the incoming candidates quickly shift their perceptions and interests about what they came to the program for and why they’re doing as they discover immediately that they are capable of things they never imagined.

What makes you want to be an instructor at Parsons, what do you like about it?

Being a professor at Parsons is a truly great job to have. The school and the community of students and faculty are all driven to lead the field of art and design into the 21st century with a boldness of vision that we can lead the transformation of the disciplines and the society. I find my home in the Design and Technology program that brings together some of the brightest most talented people in the world around what I believe to be the most exciting area of growth for art and design.

What are you looking forward to in this upcoming academic year?

I’m so excited to establish the new home base for MFA Design and Technology in the graduate design center on the 12th floor of the Albert and Vera List Academic Center on 6 E 16th St, where we are building an incredible new reconfigurable lab and instruction space, [so we can] share more collaboration with the Transdisciplinary Design MFA program.


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