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Graphic Design USA Magazine Rates Parsons in the Top Five Most Influential Design Schools Today

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In celebration of GDUSA‘s 50th Anniversary, they asked their readers, “What is the most influential design school of the past fifty years?”

Parsons ranked in the top ten!

They then asked: “What is the most influential design school today?”

Parsons was in the top five!

Go us! To see all the schools in the ranking, go here.

To see our AAS Graphic Design program at its best, check out the work of recent alums (2013), Kim Dumo and Anna Obikane.

The AAS Graphic Design program at Parson is influenced and inspired as much as it is influential and inspiring. Collaborations at home and abroad make this possible.

In the fall of 2012, the Parsons Photography Fashion 1: Concepts and AAS Design 1 classes collaborated with the Vantan Design Institute of Japan to create a 20 image exhibition and a 72 page, 80 photograph book based on the VantanFashion show at New York Fashion Week.

View the entire Vantan Collaboration book here.

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Initially, students from faculty members Julia Gorton’s design and Thomas Werner’s fashion photography class met to discuss methods of collaboration and possible final outcomes for the project. In the following days, both cohorts documented the Vantan model casting and fitting sessions at a local studio, taking notes and capturing each day with still and time base media.

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On the day of the event, the photography students arrived at the Mercedes Fashion Week tents three hours in advance of the show to meet the New York based public relations team, before heading back stage to photograph hair and make-up. One hour prior to show time, the photography students took their place on the risers with the professionals at the end of the runway to photograph the pre-show run-through and then the fashion show itself. Images from the show were to be edited, processed, named and delivered four days after the event. The design team then began the process of editing the imagery for publication consideration.

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Once the final images and a handful of alternates were chosen, the photography students were given a specific time frame to retouch and resubmit their work to the design team. The design class then created multiple options for layout, completing the design process with the development of an extraordinary piece.

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 4.55.14 PM

The next step in the process was to select and print the imagery for exhibition, which took place in the student gallery in the office of Student Affairs and was continued on the 10th floor  lobby and lab at 2 West 13th Street. Each student submitted 3 to 5 images, of which 2 to 3 were printed in 30 x 40 inches for exhibition.

Finally, they sent a selection of photographs to their partners at Vantan and the show’s public relations firm, discussing each of their partner’s needs and what photographs might best fit those needs.

Just a single example of what you can do in the AAS Graphic Design program!

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