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FRESH PLANET is looking for Interns!

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Fresh Planet, a Manhattan-based game development studio, is looking for game design interns and producer interns. Fresh Planet creates smart, mass-market games for Facebook and other social platforms. We’re looking for current students and recent graduates who are passionate about games to join our team. Experience working in a game company is preferred but not essential for the job.

Game Design Interns
A game design intern will work with our game design team to create the player experience. This work includes playtesting and feedback on games in progress, level and mission design, game economy balancing, writing game design documents and specifications, creating game story content, and contributing generally to creation of games and new concepts at Fresh Planet. A game design intern should:
– possess excellent writing and communication skills
– be able to think analytically about game systems
– have some familiarity with software related to spreadsheets, diagramming, word processing
– be able to work in an intense team environment
– be organized and self-starting
– have a passion for playing and creating games

Producer Interns
A producer intern will assist with the ongoing process of making a game. Working with the project management team at Fresh Planet, producer interns will help organize the complex schedules and team processes that constitute game development. For this reason, a producer intern ideally is comfortable talking about visual design, game design, and programming – but only a passing familiarity is fine. A producer at Fresh Planet also has some input into the creative aspects of making a game. A producer intern should:
– be extremely well-organized and detail-oriented
– have some experience with database and project management software
– be comfortable (but not an expert) talking to a wide range of development roles
– work well on a team and in a leadership position
– be passionate about games

Graphic Artist Intern
A graphic artist Intern will work on creating on-screen graphics to be featured in our games. This work includes working close with our creative team to develop innovative and visually attractive interfaces, and creating visuals for our games from concept to completion. A graphic artist intern should:
– Have very good knowledge of creative tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc …
– Have good practice of Flash
– Develop and maintain schedules
– Some knowledge of HTML and other web technologies will be a plus
– Good communication skills, good at giving and taking criticisms
– Delightful personality and love for games

All internships at Fresh Planet:
– last for 3-6 months
– are half-time or more (more time is preferred)
– work consistent hours and days week to week
– pay a small stipend for travel and expenses

Internships start in January! Please email a resume and cover letter that explains why you’re an excellent candidate for Fresh Planet with the following subject line:

Game design intern
Creative Graphic Designer Intern
Producer intern

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