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Citizen Science and Filmmaking Lecture: Environmental Justice and Survival in a Changing Arctic

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MONDAY NOVEMBER 4TH 6:30-8:30 pm


Eugene Lang College, 66 W. 12th St, Room 407

A free event open to the public.

Did you know that turning on a light switch in New York City has a direct effect on sea ice ecosystems and Arctic communities and cultures thousands of miles away?

On the Belcher Islands in Canada’s Hudson Bay, Inuit communities feel these effects the most. A culture that has relied on birds for clothing and food, the Inuit have a unique relationship with the eider duck. Eider down is the warmest feather in the world, which allows both Inuit and bird to survive in this harsh environment throughout the year.

Massive die-off events of eider ducks represent the proverbial canary in the coal mine for what is happening when cities along the eastern seaboard reverse the seasonality of the hydrological cycle to stay warm in winter.

Join director/producer Dr. Joel Heath and Inuit community members from Canada’s Hudson Bay for a discussion on the award winning film, People of a Feather, and learn about the community based research, environmental justice campaign, and behind the scenes of communicating science through filmmaking.

For more information, please visit:

Environmental Justice Campaign:

The Arctic Eider Society: (our registered charity working with Inuit to address environmental change in Hudson Bay)

People of a Feather:

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