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2 West 13th Electrical Fire: Dear Faculty, Staff and Students…

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Dear Faculty, Staff and Students,

I hope you have been keeping up with the messages and updates regarding the electrical fire in the 2 West 13th Street Building on Monday.  The faculty, students and staff were extraordinary in quickly evacuating the lower level in very dark and smoky conditions, so we all continue to be grateful no one was harmed.  As has been noted we will be unable to access the 2 West 13th Street building for weeks and I’m writing to update you on how we are meeting all of the student and program needs and also to ask for your help identifying any unmet needs or concerns.

Faculty that are in shared or private offices in 2 West 13th Street have been automatically put on the hot seat plan until the building is back in circulation.

The alternate classroom assignments for building L will be finalized for next week.  Here is the link on the university home page for access the updated lists.  Any course not listed please send an email to Niki Kriese, or Tim Jensen,

The AMT Hub has not yet been relocated.  We are primarily working out of U700, formerly known as the faculty and staff lounge in the University Center.  Come see us or we can come to you!

We are actively working with the Dean’s Office, the university and the Making Center leadership to place the equipment and facilities that were utilized in 2 W at alternate locations in the coming days and weeks.  Animation activity will now be supported in 66 Fifth Ave on the third floor. Students will find the dragon frames, Cintiq stations and light tables on N3.

Making Center is updating services on this document.  Directors, please share this document with all of your faculty.

Printmaking will happen through external agreements and those are actively being worked on.  We hope to have contracts by Friday for classes next week.

24 hour building access begins Monday, 4/9/18, through 5/14/18.  For the following buildings:

– 66 5th Avenue

– 6 East 16th Street

– 55 West 13th Street

– 25 East 13th Street

Do let me know any questions that you have and thanks for all of the support flowing from across the community to take care of those hardest hit.

All the best,

Anne and Emily


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