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The DAAD has announced its annual competition for grants for study in Germany.

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The DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst/German Academic Exchange Service) has announced its annual competition for grants for study in Germany.

DAAD Study Scholarships are available to graduating seniors and graduate students in the fields of fine arts and design who wish to pursue study at German institutions of higher education. These grants are intended to cover ten months of study (October 1, 2014 to July 31, 2015), and provide stipends of approximately €750 ($1,002) per month. The DAAD will also provide health insurance and a travel allowance. In certain cases scholarships may be extended to cover a second year.

Scholarship applicants must identify the art college (Kunsthochschule), university of applied science (Fachhochschule), or full university at which they wish to study, and the specific faculty members with whom they would like to work. They should, at the time of their application, indicate these preferences to the DAAD, which will apply to the schools on behalf of those chosen for scholarships. Admission decisions are wholly at the discretion of the individual institutions, and scholarships will not be conferred to candidates who do not receive admission.

As part of the application, painters, sculptors and designers should submit a CD-ROM OR DVD-ROM in jpg format of 15-40 works in the form of pdf documents, PowerPoint presentation, or off-line web site readable from a CD or DVD. A list with all key data and details for each image submitted both as a digital file (txt, rtf, doc, or pdf) and as a paper copy must accompany the CD or DVD. Architects and interior designers should send three drafts including ground plan, layout, elevation, and perspective. At least one non-group project must be included. CD’s or DVD’s are also acceptable.

For collaborative works or projects applicants must clearly mark or describe in writing their own contribution.

US or Canadian citizens are eligible for grants. Citizens of other countries may be eligible, but must have been enrolled in a degree program at The New School for at least two years, and must contact the New York office of the DAAD (212-758-3223) to determine whether they qualify.

Applications for study grants must be completed on line. The on-line application and instructions for completing it may be found on the DAAD web site . Although The New School is DAAD partner institution, applications should be submitted directly to the DAAD New York Office (871 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017; 212-758-3223; ), and must be postmarked no later than November 1, 2013. Questions regarding the competition may be directed to Henry Watkin, Coordinator of International Exchanges, New School for Social Research,72 Fifth Avenue, Room 317, New York, NY 10011, 212-229-5700 ext. 3011, .

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