• Cole Dehlendorf


  • Cole Dehlendorf works in photography documenting his daily life and exploring the psychic underpinnings of dreams. He is receiving a BFA in Photography from Parsons School of Design in 2020. Dehlendorf currently lives and works between Ohio and New York City.

  • WHISPERS explores the hidden nature of the unconscious and the psychic experience through the world of dream and myth. Drawing from folklore and the collective unconscious, the photographs question the chthonic riddles of our world. The photographs are shot in effort to fathom why dreams and lore exist in the recesses of shadows. Through deciphering and reimagining my own dreams, pulling from the collective unconscious, along with oral tales, I weave together archetypical symbols that answer to the mystery of nocturnal transcendence. These symbols take the form of those which manifest the looming uncertainty and secrecy innate to the human experience. The photos are read as ephemeral glimpses into that world, found in natural phenomena and in occurrences of the other.