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  • Olivia Montalto

  • To Olivia Montalto

  • Olivia Montalto was born and raised in New York City. Being a native New Yorker, Olivia was hesitant to remain in the city after being accepted into Parsons The New School for Design, but persisted and received her BFA in Photography. Olivia is very inspired by color, memory, and the feeling of nostalgia, all which help influence her documentary style today. She hopes to branch out into the field of fashion photography, considering that to be the origin of her inspiration. She currently still lives and works in the city she’ll always consider home, but hopes to gracefully escape one day.

  • To Olivia Montalto, a photograph is more than just a capture of life in the moment, but rather a means to structure her own. Her current project is under renovation, but exhibits the documentation of “what was” for her, and brings a source of gratitude for the life she captures now. The selected images are sequenced and labeled on the back with the dates of the moments in time she saves not just for herself, but for her audience. Her photographs are akin to a diary – they are not deliberate, but instead natural. They are fair representations of her subject’s body language. Although extracted from stillness, her photos evoke a sense of youthfulness – the time you and your friends will remember forever. In a pursuit for the audience to remember a memory of their own, Olivia invites you to her world of nostalgia.