A Note to Self

  • Hardik Puri

  • A Note to Self

  • " Trying to blur the lines between Fashion and Art, Hardik Puri is an Indian fashion photographer and stylist working out of New York City. Having worked at major publications such as Harper’s Bazaar India and Document Journal, he understands the individual voice of various publications. He has also worked as a social media strategist for Atelier Mon (2016-2018), honing his Social Media, Digital Marketing and PR skills. Puri is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Photography from Parsons School for Design, In New York City (Graduation in May 2020). He is trained as a professional photographer, and fashion stylist. "

  • A Note to Self, is an exploration of my mental health, in the form of an art book – magazine. It features multiple fashion editorials that are derived from my own experiences and inhibitions. These fashion editorials take inspiration from my symptoms experiencing depression, anxiety and navigating my personal life.
    All images featured are digital self-portraits, created over a span of one year. It is a single-handed take on fashion of which I am the curator, art-director, photographer and model.
    Being able to use fashion in my work, allows me to showcase myself, visually. In an effort to breakdown and understand my depression, I am using fashion photography to illustrate my journey over the last four years. Using a diaristic approach, the book weaves together personal diary entries, and self portraits to push the idea of fashion into the art world, to ask larger questions of mental health, memory and myself. By using fashion photography as a means to talk about something so personal and poignant, I am trying to defy the notions of fashion being frivolous.
    The series is presented as a fashion magazine, which takes the form of a diaristic, art book.