Encontrando primaveras

  • Sara Muñoz Ledo Rodriguez

  • Encontrando primaveras

  • Sara is a multidisciplinary artist whose work draws inspiration from her immigrant identity+experience, the exploration of memory, and the documentation of her family. She was born in Morelos, México, where she lived until 2012. In 2021, she will graduate with a BFA in Photography from Parsons and a BA in writing from Eugene Lang College.

  • In “Encontrando primaveras” (Eng. “Finding Robins”), a six minute long stop-motion animation, a 7 year old girl named Esmeralda copes with the overwhelming emotions she experiences after moving to New York. A state of imagination and dissociation, her kite state, allows her to process and survive the trauma that comes with the weirdness of being in an entirely new country, missing her homeland and the family she left behind. Esmeralda fluctuates between her kite state and her ‘normal’ state, and she comes back to reality when she sees something that calls her. As her mom puts it, there are certain things, people, or places, that speak to her soul, and by paying attention to these things she is able to safely come back to her body.
    In this piece language serves as a tongue shared by a particular country and as an emotional tool. In addition to not speaking the language of her new country, Esmeralda can’t verbally express the complexity of her emotions. Because she can’t name her discomfort she can’t process them, and instead turns to her kite state.