Adam’s Needle

  • Trevor James

  • Adam's Needle

  • "As a queer artist, I work with ideas of gender presentation, identity, and representation in my photography. I employ both digital and analog formats, and I draw inspiration from both classical and contemporary photographic references. From Edward Weston to Steven Klein, I pull from a variety of visual languages to create my work. My biggest motivation is to explore what a post-gender world would look like. To that end, I have photographed many queer, non-binary, and non-conformist individuals, and I have experimented with self-portraiture as well."

  • Gender, sexuality and identity are three heavily referenced, widely explored topics in the world of visual arts. Through this past year, I have been working with self-portraiture to create introspective work that speaks to a larger audience about those topics. ‘Adam’s Needle’ investigates a “genderless” body, what that means, and if it is possible in a world so heavily reliant on the binary system. Taking visual cues from classical photography, I have queered the traditional lens through the insertion of my own non-conformist body. In my work I remain anonymous, so as to let the photographs speak to wider ideas about gender performance and queerness.