Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars Opening Thursday, December 5th at Munch Gallery

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Silent Weapons for Quiet War
December 5-23, 2013
Derrick Cruz, Jeremy Dyer, Luke Kranker

Opening Reception: Thursday, December 5, 7-9 pm
New York, NY – Munch Gallery is pleased to present Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, a group exhibition of new works by Derrick CruzJeremy Dyer and Luke Kranker.

Titled after the 1979 manifesto calling for control of the masses through social engineering, the exhibition illustrates each artist’s preoccupation with the didactic as a counterbalance to the use of mythopoeia in commercial and political messaging. In contrast, their work takes shape as minimal plastic objects, stark black and white prints and droning audio all produced from a diversity of new and traditional media.

Cruz’s sculpture synthesizes physical media forms believed to be obsolete to indicate the impact of technological advances on individuation. Inspired by dystopian science fiction, personal physical challenges, and thinkers such as Joseph Campbell and Jaron Lanier, Cruz manipulates religious and humanist aesthetic constructs to produce “an altar for projection and one for self-reflection.”

Dyer’s printed works engage the pastoral landscape as a site of collision. Constructed from original and found photography, his black and white images of menacing fires and collapsing beasts strive to reconcile an anachronistic past with what he considers “the inevitable something that is coming.”

Kranker’s sound collages are the byproduct of ten years of psychotropic experimentation and his study of controversial philosophers, such as Terence McKenna and Timothy Leary. Inspired by “the darker aspects of the psychedelic experience,” his long form textural audio compositions create a space where “thoughts flow freely… and self-deception can be observed with sharpened clarity.”

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