FEAST is having a reading night, Thursday 10/3 at 7pm! This is not a call for submissions, and there are no limits on what kind of text you can bring. It can be written by you, something you found online, or a fragment of a novel that you’d like to share. All sources are welcome. They ask only that you bring something that is roughly two pages or less.

The reading will be held at:

66 5th Avenue, Studio 300

October 3rd at 7pm

Drinks and food will be provided.

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FEAST is a collective that started within the Parsons Photography program over a decade ago, and has coordinated a variety of shows, critiques, screenings and publications since then.

FEAST strives to continue this history of experimentation and collaboration. They are always open to proposals from any student(s) who wish to propose any collaboration, be it visual (i.e a publication, show, get-together), or theoretical (panel discussion, lecture, etc). Their process is inherently collaborative because they, as PhotoFEAST, are acting as mediators, orchestrators, and participants.

Throughout this year, they will hold a steady schedule of open critiques and readings. The readings are meant to be informal meetings to serve as a platform for students to be able to read their writings, or writings they are interested in, to a community of students equally interested in sharing their works. FEAST also hopes to publish a curated artist book, and to have some open pin-up shows as well.

All disciplines to the group. Any interested students may simply email them at photofeast@gmail.com. Check out their Facebook page as well.


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