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In Miami for Art Basel, SCOPE, SELECT FAIR, NADA Miami, UnTitled Art Fair, Aqua Art Fair, etc, etc? Make sure to view some of Parsons’ Faculty and Alumni works, and follow @parsonsamt on Twitter and Instagram tonight through Saturday!

BFA Fine Arts Alum (’13) Vanessa Turi exhibits at SELECT FAIR!

Exhibition: Dec 4th-8th
Catalina Hotel
Rooms 114 and 116
with Starry Night gallery
1732 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Public event: Thursday, Dec 5th at 7pm-10pm / Free drinks 7-8pm

Turi says about the experience: “Everything I needed to get done to prepare for the show were things that I learned how to do from the Parsons faculty; everything taught is extremely necessary. I am very grateful and lucky to have had that experience.”

In exploring portraiture I find myself overwhelmed with an overabundance of freethinking. Though the subject matter initially stems from my personal connections to those depicted, the end result is inviting to all viewers. They are casted and given roles based off of the atypical lens of my imagination. The cleanliness of each environment creates room for the characters to claim their space not only visually, but conceptually as well.

BFA Fine Arts Faculty Saya Woolfalk exhibits at at SCOPE!

Winner of the DUMBO Arts Festival 2013 SCOPE Prize, Woolfalk crafts an alternate reality where the artificial and the anthropological merge into cultural hybrids. Her handmade mannequins occupy a fantastical realm called “No Place,” where biology, race, class and sexuality are shaped by rituals, constructed without origin. Enter Woolfalk’s color-drenched worlds and you’re greeted with a mixture of a child’s playroom, an eccentric consumer’s den and an archaeological treasure trove, guaranteed to make you question the solidity of your identity and the adequacy of your wardrobe.

Woolfalk’s installation is listed #1 on this Huffington Post list of must-sees. She’s listed alongside the likes of Abramovic, FAILE and Ryan McGuinness!

December 3-8 at SCOPE

1000 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

"No Place" by Saya Woolfalk

“No Place” by Saya Woolfalk

BFA Fine Arts Director Anthony Aziz and Faculty Sammy Cucher at The Screening Room

The Screening Room is proud to present an exhibition by the New York based duo Aziz + Cucher, curated by Tami Katz-Freiman on view during Art Basel 2013.

The project is based on their digital animation-installation Time of the Empress, which was part of a larger show, “Some People”, commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) in 2012. The installation consists of seven large flat-screen panels hung from the ceiling, which display animated drawings of modernist buildings in an infinite loop of construction and disintegration. Through a labor-intensive animation process, these architectural renderings appear buoyant, suspended in an endless cycle of growth and dissolution, like Towers of Babel, simultaneously rising and collapsing. Paradoxically they also possess an inherent tranquility, evoking the cycles of our economy, nature, even life itself.

Time of the Empress was inspired by the artists’ encounter with ruined buildings in Sarajevo and throughout Bosnia that stand as emblems of the 1990s war in the Balkans. The title refers to a passage from Marguerite Yourcenar’s novel Memoirs of Hadrian (1951), a fictionalized autobiographical monologue that touches upon every aspect of human existence.
All of its complexity, changeability, internal contradictions, and dependence on the whims of the body in which it is contained, imbues this work with symbolic significance. With this in mind, Time of The Empress casts a meditational glance at historical cycles of growth and decay, destruction and renewal, while also implying the impermanence of the present.

Dec. 2 – Dec. 8, 10AM – 7PM during Art Basel, see below for full details.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 8.03.45 PM

MFA FA Alum and SDS Faculty Adam Brent shows at UnTitled Art Fair with BroLab

BroLab, is pleased to present Moses Transpo, a new malleable installation,  that explores themes of mobility and public space for the UNTITLED. Art Fair. During the run of the fair a series of panel discussions about art and design will inhabit the installation.

The collective BroLab was established in 2009 by five artists who built a practice bridging art and design principles exploring minimalist objects where people can interact with both the artists and the work. BroLab’s broad vision includes public sculpture, place making and site-specific interventions. In the canon of collective art, BroLab presents an alternative model by working intuitively, connecting art to a live activity of both making and engagement.

rendering for Moses Transpo, 2013

rendering for Moses Transpo, 2013

Parsons Langdon Graves and Peter Lapsley show at Aqua Art Miami

Room 226 & 227
Aqua Art Miami 2013
December 4-8, 2013
Aqua Hotel
1530 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Adding a few fresh faces to the mix for our 2013 year-end group exhibition in sunny Miami, VC is happy to showcase a full range of cutting-edge studio-fresh work from 10 different artists through a curated multi-room presentation. With an abundance of artistic and musical performances, youthful energy, and much later fair hours, Aqua Art Miami will surely be the only week-long party in town.


Photography Faculty Arthur Ou show with Brennan and Griffin at NADA Miami

Ou’s work, showing at the Deauville Beach Resort, at 67th Street and Collins Avenue in Miami Beach.  is featured on the Gallerist Art Basel 2013 Preview, 

Arthur Ou, Untitled (Phi), 2013 Brennan & Griffin

Arthur Ou, Untitled (Phi), 2013
Brennan & Griffin

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