Niv Rozenberg (MFA ’11) in Fresh Paint: Contemporary Art Fair, Tel Aviv

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Fresh Paint 4 will be held in The Botanic Garden site, hosted by Reality Fund in South Tel-Aviv, from April 5-9, 2011.

Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair, Tel Aviv, is the biggest, most influential annual art event in Israel, with over 35,000 visitors every year. The fair provides a meeting place for art lovers, artists and art professionals and an opportunity to purchase the work of top contemporary artists.

The fair, which takes place every year at a new, surprising location in Tel Aviv – the beating heart of the Israeli cultural world – brings together all the significant forces of the Israeli art world and enjoys the support of leading international art institutions.

All the leading Israeli galleries will be taking part in Fresh Paint 4, along with The Independent Artists’ Greenhouse which will present the works of dozens of promising up-and-coming artists. The fair will feature a solo exhibition of the work of Nivi Alroy, winner of the Most Promising Artist award for 2010, and present new works of art, installations and video exposed for the first time. Again this year, the fair will initiate and implement a number of artistic community projects including its successful Secret Postcard Project, and will offer enrichment programs featuring video screenings, lectures, discussions with artists and workshops.

Opening hours:

Tuesday          | 5.4.11 |   17:00-22:00 |  From 21:30- Artists party!

Wednesday    | 6.4.11 |  17:00-22:00

Thursday        | 7.4.11 |   17:00-22:00

Friday             | 8.4.11 |    11:00-19:00

Saturday         | 9.4.11 |   10:00-22:00

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