MFA Photography 2018 Alumni Amanda Field Contributes to Mother Jones

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MFA Photography 2018 Alumni Amanda Field has recently had an article which she wrote and provided photos for featured on Mother Jones. The article examines what it is like for children to experience lockdown drills in preparation for school shootings.

Lockdown drills have become the new normal in America’s schools. According to a recent survey from the Children’s Defense Fund, fear of a school shooting is the second most common worry after bullying for kids between the ages of 6 and 17, and the third most common worry for parents.

Recently, I photographed and interviewed more than a dozen elementary school children, ranging from grades K-5, about what it’s like for them to prepare for a potential shooting. With their parents’ consent, we met at a Brooklyn branch of the New York City public library. I asked each of the children to show me what they did with their bodies during lockdown drills, what they understood these drills to be for, and how the drills made them feel. (Their responses have been lightly edited for length and clarity.”

To read the full article please visit Mother Jones.

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