MFA Photography 2014 Alumni Magali Duzant Curates “A Rose Is A Screen Is A Rose”

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A Rose Is A Screen Is A Rose features the work of artists exploring our evolving relationship with nature in the digital age.  Featuring the works of Roxana AzarSacha VegaRichard Munaba, and Paula Morales,the show runs from May 12 – June 30 at the Pelham Art Center.

Please join us for the opening Friday, May 11 from 6:30 – 8:00 at the Pelham Art Center.
155 Fifth Avenue Pelham, NY 10803 ( a 5 minute walk from the Metro North railroad station )

Press Release available here

The artists in this exhibition explore our changing relationship to the natural world via digital and analog technologies and techniques; recycling imagery, painting on images digitally, building physical structures, and augmenting reality. The artists reflect the deeply held pull of the digital – it is a platform, a tool, a foundation for each of these works.

Working off of Gertrude Stein’s line “a rose is a rose is a rose…” the screen becomes a literal and abstracted starting point; it is surface as well as a viewpoint, a frame and a construct, a boundary and an ever expanding platform. The works depict but also embody nature as we tweak and bend it to our will.  As we unthinkingly mediate reality through Google images, phone photos and virtual reality technologies, these artists react with cheek and weariness to our current environment.

Image courtesy of Richard Munaba, Who Can Say still

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