Gabriel Sanchez, Craig Callison (MFA Photo ’14) and Qiren Hu (MFA Photo 15) Curate and Collaborate on “Nonspace” Group Exhibit

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©Craig O’Neal Callison, Tutorial I (detail), 2015. 3:15 min. Courtesy of the artist.


Curated and organized by Gabriel H. Sanchez & Francisco Correa Cordero.

Opening Reception: August 24, 6:30–9:00pm at Recess 41 Grand St, New York, NY 10013.

“Nonspace”, curated by Francisco Correa Cordero and Gabriel H. Sanchez, brings together seven artists — Daniel Gordon, Dina Kelberman, Craig Callison, Zoe Burnett, Ryan Duffin, Qiren Hu and A. Bill Miller — whose work fringes on that of science fiction. Experiments in 3D rendering, virtual reality, and data manipulation are firmly positioned between lowbrow and high-tech, molding socialweb vernacular into expressions of anxiety, disenchantment and divination.



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