Charlie Rubin, 2012 alum at New Art City

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Charlie Rubin a 2012 alum is in an online exhibition at New Art City!

Titled, Strange Paradise

“You’ve found Strange Paradise. 
Some of it will feel familiar—like your toothbrush’s hairdo or the cracks you pass on your way to work—and then it won’t. 
The sublime is closer than it appears. 
Art is a bridge. 
A decade ago, when everyone woke up with a camera in their pocket and we left our analogue selves for good, New York artist Charlie Rubin made a book visualizing that change in culture. Now these thoughts have a permanent sanctuary. 
You’re welcome to stay as long as you want.

A colorful 3D world visualizing a photo book. Many of the images are landscapes, with paint and other materials rescanned over the photographs.”

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