Brigitte Lustenberger (MFA ’07) wins the Main Photoprize of the Canton of Bern

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TEMPTED_BEARB_weiche Kante_kleinerTempted, C print, 2013

The works of the awardees and twenty more photographers are shown from october 25 to november 24 2013 at the Kornhausforum in Bern. The Main Photoprize of the Canton of Bern (15’000 sFr.) goes to Brigitte Lustenberger from Bern for her works «The Meaning of a Photograph», «Dressed in Silk» und «Tempted». These three images are not part of a series, they are single images but nevertheless the all deal with the stories and the history of the media photography. Somewhere between a still life and a pictoral quotation, these images convey a photographic collection of a moment, that stops temporality yet proves its transitoriness.



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