Brigitte Lustenberger (MFA ’06)

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Directed Attention

27 August – 24 December 2010
under floors, an art project funded by the DC Bank and Loeb
Loeb staircase, Spitalgasse 47-51, 3001 Bern

Critique of “The Bund” –

Brigitte Lustenberger draws the attention of viewers and viewers in a wonderful universe. It is a special visual language, taken from a virtual store of rich art and cultural history. It creates images of alleged crime scenes, scenes that appear to us familiar and irritating – can be categorized and thus keeps in its own history and their own stories. The images are otherworldly, and yet you feel like a part.They make frozen stages of the event, a snapshot of the passage of time.

The interactions of the individual images contribute to each other even more striking than that resulting random narrative, the beginning is just as uncertain as the output. The eyes of the viewer and viewers meet so inevitably to the attention of the people depicted, that in turn rest “captured” by the look of the artist. The strong color contrasts – most work a deep black ground – away from us in a different world. In “floors” works from the last five years can be seen.

Also recently exhibited:

Inside Out Part II

Ausstellung vom 5. Juni – 11. Juli 2010
Kunsthalle Luzern

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