Bobby Davidson (MFA 2009), Jessica Yatrofsky (MFA 2008), and Chang Kyun Kim (MFA 2009) exhibited at PHOTOJAX 2013

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Jacksonville Photography Festival
Florida Mining Gallery (5300 Shad Road)

MANIFEST: Select Photographs
Bobby Davidson, Jessica Yatrofsky, Chang Kyun Kim, Allen Frame, and Emma Wilcox

Though the medium of photography has not yet reached its two-hundredth birthday, the significant impact on our social schema runs through many common relatable threads including the historical documentation of events such as Dorothea Lange’s “Migrant Mother” and “The Unknown Rebel in Tiananmen Square” by Jeff Widener, to the still life as abstract of Edward Weston, or the intimate yet confrontational portraits of Diane Arbus. The works in this exhibit come together to form an anthropological analysis of our social schema: in short, the figure, architecture and their interaction. The oeuvre of “Manifest: Select Photographs” range in process and production, giving attention to the various methods that consist in photographic practice, exemplifying the crisp clarity of digital shooting and printing, contrasting it with 120mm medium format film and proper darkroom process printing.

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