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Steven Guarnaccia interviewed about ties, books, and everything!

Parsons Illustration Chair Steven Guarnaccia was recently interviewed by Bradford Shellhammer over at the Sundance Channel’s Full Frontal Design blog.  They talked about Steven’s collection of Rooster ties, his children’s books, and his style in general.  Here’s a snippet from the interview:

B.S.: Aside from ties, what else do you collect?

S.G: At one point I had something like 39 discrete collections. I had to count because for a couple of years I was on Art and Antiques’ list of the 100 top collectors. I’ve calmed down a bit since then. But some of my other collections are black-and-white things (dice, dominoes, aces of spades, etc., about which I wrote a book for Chronicle called, oddly enough, Black and White), skeletons, vintage illustrated children’s books, and kids’ card games.

B.S.: You’re also a lover of modern design and architecture, as evidenced in your booksGoldilocks and the Three Bears: A Tale Moderne and The Three Little Pigs. What made you re-create these classic kids’ stories with a modernist slant?

S.G: I had been doing monthly stand-alone illustrations for Metropolitan Home and thenAbitare, in Italy, and became very interested in the history of modern furniture design and architecture. I was invited to contribute to a French exhibition about Russian children’s-book illustrator Feodor Rojankovsky. He had illustrated Goldilocks and the Three Bears for Golden Books, and as I reread the book, I realized what a little design critic Goldilocks is: This chair is too hard, this bed is too big. It came to me that I could illustrate the book using classic 20th-century furniture throughout the book and teach kids a soft lesson about design at the same time.

Read the rest of the interview here.

Way to go, Steven!

Blab! A Retrospective opens at Society of Illustrators on March 26th

OPENING NIGHT: March 26, 2010; 6:00 pm

Parsons Illustration Associate Professor Nora Krug, Parsons Illustration Chair Steven Guarnaccia Gary Baseman, Sue Coe, The Clayton Brothers, Chris Ware, SHAG!, Drew Friedman, Gary Taxali, Tim Biskup, and MANY MORE!

BLAB!, founded in 1986 by Monte Beauchamp, is a periodic anthology featuring work by some of the world’s brightest artists, illustrators, and printmakers.

Join us in this celebration.

BLAB!, a periodic anthology of visual art, was founded by Chicago-based graphic designer and art director Monte Beauchamp in 1986. Characterized by an emphasis on comics, the first seven issues of BLAB! were produced in a digest-sized format (5½” x 8½”), printed in black-and-white with a color cover, and contained illustrated stories by such figures as Joe Coleman, Charles Burns, Daniel Clowes, Drew Friedman, Chris Ware, and ZAP artist Spain Rodriguez.

In 1995, after a three year hiatus, the eighth issue of BLAB! appeared with a redesigned format and a significant shift in editorial focus. It was square (10″ x 10″), included 4-color printing on the interior, and featured a cover commissioned from the then relatively unknown Chris Ware, now a renowned comic artist. Ware’s impeccably drawn cover design and tag line, “Liberating Art from Quality,” heralded BLAB!’s new direction. Beauchamp significantly reduced the number of prose pieces, featured fewer comics artists, and invited illustrators such as Gary Baseman, Christian Northeast, The Clayton Brothers, Jonathon Rosen and Mark Ryden to contribute. He also featured selections of vintage “found” graphics such as depression-era matchbook covers, Valmor cosmetic labels, and European devil postcards. Though it has continued to reflect Beauchamp’s passion for storytelling, BLAB!‘s character is resolutely visual. Each year he invites approximately twenty-five visual artists from the fields of sequential art, graphic design, illustration, painting, and printmaking to contribute to BLAB!, a selection informed by Beauchamp’s distinctive vision and aesthetic.

Today BLAB! is acclaimed as a highly influential periodical of visual art and as a venue for work by some of the world’s brightest artists, illustrators, and printmakers.

Monte Beauchamp is an award-winning art director/graphic designer whose work has appeared in Graphis, Communication Arts, SPDA, Print, American Illustration, and The Society of Illustrators Annual. He has received numerous awards and honors, and has served as a juror forAmerican Illustration and The Society of Illustrators.

He is the founder and editor of the graphics-illustration-comics annualBLAB! His books include: The Life & Times of R. Crumb (St. Martin’s Press), Striking Images: Vintage Matchbook Cover Art (Chronicle Books),The Devil in Design (Fantagraphics), and New & Used BLAB! (Chronicle Books).

He is the founder, editor, and designer of BLAB! Picto-Novelettes – a series of story books presented in a faux-children’s book format for adults. Titles include: Sheep of Fools by Sue Coe and Judith Brody, Old Jewish Comedians by Drew Friedman, The Magic Bottle by Camille Rose Garcia,Struwwelpeter by Bob Staake, and SHAG: A to Z.

Steven Guarnaccia interview for The Rumpus

Illustration Chair Steven Guarnaccia attended the First Annual Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival and was interviewed Katie Geha of therumpus.net Here’s an excerpt of Katie’s article:

Steven Guarnaccia, Chair of the Illustration Department at Parsons, is generous in talking with me about the contemporary comics scene. He explains that while illustrators once created images to respond to a text given by a client, say a magazine or a newspaper, now more and more artists are creating their own texts. “When I came to the program around six years ago,” Guarnaccia says. “It was very clear that the most exciting stories were being generated by the artists themselves.” These visual narratives have since translated to a larger cultural realm as artists move beyond the comic book, creating toys and t-shirts, and often exhibiting prints in art galleries.

The article also mentions Illustration Alum Leah Hayes, so make sure to check out the rest of the write-up here.

Poems for Pictopia featuring Parsons Illustration folks!

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.855171&w=425&h=350&fv=clip_id%3D5804418%26server%3Dvimeo.com%26autoplay%3D0%26fullscreen%3D1%26md5%3D0%26show_portrait%3D0%26show_title%3D0%26show_byline%3D0%26context%3Duser%3A1046853%26context_id%3D%26force_embed%3D0%26multimoog%3D%26color%3D00ADEF%26force_info%3Dundefined]

The 2009 Pictoplasma Conference at the House of World Cultures in Berlin brought together character designers and enthusiasts from around the world.  “Poems for Pictopia” is a short glimpse of some of the highlights of the conference and the accompanying exhibition “Prepare for Pictopia”. This rad video ALSO features our very own program chair Steven Guarnaccia, plus Alumni AJ Fosik and Motomichi Nakamura!

Quick Hit: Steven Guarnaccia’s reinterpretation of a classic


As Steve Heller says:

It’s never too early to introduce children to design (or egotistical designers). My favorite Italian publisher, Corraini Editore, has published my favorite American illustrator (with an Italian surname), Steven Guarnaccia’s architectonic take on The Three Little Pigs (in English and Italian).

Couldn’t have said it any better!  Parsons Illustration Chair Steven Guarnaccia has a new children’s book out called “The Three Little Pigs” and it tells the classic story but infuses every aspect with architecture, casting the pigs as Frank Gehry, Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright.  You can grab your copy directly from the publisher Corraini.


Congrats, Steven!

Illustration Faculty and Alum featured in “Sketchbook Obsessions”

Sketchbook _Obsessions


Peter Arkle, Karen Barbour, George Bates, Nicholas Blechman, Blex Bolex, Loren Capelli, Josh Cochran, Matt Dorfman, Sara Fanelli, Nicholas Gazin, Steven Guarnaccia, Eric Hanson, John Hendrix, Matthew Hollister, Emma Houlston, Erik T. Johnson, Nora Krug, Pascal Lemaitre, Jason Logan, Ted McGrath, Rick Meyerowitz, Chris Silas Neal, Kate O’Connor, Mike Perry, Leif Parsons, Alain Pilon, Jason Polan, Brian Rea, Jonathon Rosen, Leanne Shapton, Seth, Shoboshobo, Rachel Solomon, Tamara Shopsin, Ward Schumaker, Holly Stevenson, Jillian Tamaki, Mark Todd, Aude Van Ryn, Andrea Ventura, Henning Wagenbreth, Esther Pearl Watson

Thursday July 16, 2009, 7:00-9:00 PM
The New York Times, 620 8th Avenue, 7th FL
RSVP required to: galleryseven@nytimes.com


Illustration students picked for Animation and Digital Film Festival

from Parsons MFA Design Technology Director Anezka Sebek:

It is my pleasure to announce the winners of the juried 10th Annual Parsons Animation and Digital Film Festival.Thanks to our Jurors: Steven Guarnaccia, Jessica Irish, Colleen Macklin, Jane Pirone, and James Ramer for contributing their valuable time to the jury in this busiest time of the semester.

Here are the people who will be in the screening reel TONIGHT–Tuesday, May 19th and TOMORROW–Wednesday May 20th. The SAME REEL of the festival screens at 7PM both days in Swayduck Auditorium, 65 5th Avenue. On Tuesday, May 19th, we will be awarding the people who have taken the “best of” prizes.

Best Character Animation
Best Motion Graphics
Best Overall Technical Execution

We hope that you will join us to congratulate the filmmakers and animators who participated and those who have been selected to the screening reel:

Slaves to Technology Yelena Mirchevskaya
Little Boxes Hsing Yu Chen (Cha Cha)
Duo Duo and Xiang Min Fengyu Hao
Art in Motion by Lilah Montgomery [Illustration Student!]
Faceless Neil by Noella Borie
[Illustration Student!]
Plus-size Problem Pasquale Chieffalo
Count your Blessings Nicolas Perez-Gurri
Ranga’s Meat Shop Rohini Metharam
Rat on the Moon Nurbanu Asena
Conversation Nina Torr
UNICEF-Make Children’s Dreams Jaehquck Lee
Serial Killer Jaehquck Lee
Claybrothers Jaehquck Lee
Opening Movie for MFA DT Thesis Show Jun Yung Moon
What if the Food Chain was Broken? Tibo Charroppin
The Watermelon GirlEun Hee Sidney Shin
Bubbletea Jessica A. M. Chen
The Globetrotter Magnus Schullere-Cablay
Urban Rhythm, Surface Tu Varathit
Audio Visual Experiments Claudio Midolo
Metamorphosis of Media Melissa Marcus
The Unseen Journey Jason Tseng
DOA Erik Carter
Apegado Tomas Pichardo-Espaillat and Cem Misirlioglu
Vuela Alto Tomas Pichardo-Espaillat
Ipod Nano Commercial Sangho Moon
BET TV network spot Sangho Moon
The Many Glasses of Me Sangho Moon
In the Life Open Alec Donovan
Open Frame Luke Hanson
Fito Craft Brewery Adolfo Facasse

Congrats to Lilah, Noella, and all other winners for their inclusion!

Quick Hit: Educating Illustrators panel tonight!

Featuring Ann Field (Art Center, L.A.), Steve Guarnaccia (Parsons The New School for Design) and Tom Woodruff (School of Visual Arts).

The Chairs behind the illustration programs of three of the top art schools in the United States will discuss how they educate each next generation of illustrators; what their goals are for young illustrators in the real world; the differences among their programs; the endless possibilities found in the illustration market today; the role of fine arts and graphic design in illustration; and trends in the east and west coasts.

Moderated and coordinated by Fernanda Cohen.

$15 non-members $10 members $7 students and educators

RSVP kevin@societyillustrators.org or
call 212 838 2560 www.societyillustrators.org

Quick Hit: Parsons Alumni Cocktail Party

alumni cocktails!

Illustration Chair Steven Guarnaccia and Alum/Adjunct Faculty George Bates seemed to have had a good time at the Parsons Alumni Cocktail Party, which happened on April 18th. You can see more snaps here!

And hey, are you an alumni? Update us on projects, successes, deviations, sketches–ANYTHING! We love to know what’s going in your life. Also, hook up with Parsons Alumni services to get the word on job opportunities, get-togethers, and other news from your classmates.