Parsons Illustration Pre-Commencement Reception

Parsons Illustration Pre-Commencement Reception

Wednesday, May 14th, 3-5 p.m.

Theresa Lang Student Center

55 W. 13th, 2nd Floor

Graduating Seniors–Bring your family and significant others for a reception featuring:

*Wine by the glassful!
*Snacks including cheese and cookies!
*Live quasi-experimental music!
*Fancy diploma covers!
*Possibly even some tote bags!

This is a great chance to meet up with all your classmates for one last time as Seniors.
Dish with your instructors, present and past.
Introduce everyone to everyone.

Don’t miss it. It is *the* graduation-related event of May, 2008.
All Illustration Faculty and Graduating Seniors are invited.