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Follow up: Toy Workshop at Gallery Hanahou!

On October 19th, Caty Bartholomew’s Toy Concepts Development and Design class was invited to participate in a workshop at Gallery Hanahou, run by “guerilla” crafting club Ossu! Shugeibu from Japan. (Ossu! was in town for a week to attend their show’s opening at the gallery.)

They made “robodogs” in a very quick hour and a quarter, then proudly took them out for a stroll on Broadway. They even caught some interest from passersby and, all in all, had a pile of fun.

Alumni Updates

Single Roar

Courtesy of Alumni Relations, here are a few updates on Illustration Alums:

  • Arleen Schloss, Certificate, Illustration ’64, with Alan Raymond and Douglas Reichter, has put together a selection of four short films and videos to document the redefinition of the Bowery through the last 40 years. The films are called How Do You Like the Bowery?, Performance Art Workshop On Subway NYC 1979, New York Underground Venues Late 70s/Early 80s, and Ducks in the Window.
  • Susan Andreasen, Illustration ’69 is an “EcoArtist,” teaching an eight-week class at the Armory Arts Center in Palm Beach, Florida on how to capture live wild animals on canvas and collect landscape information. She is also an environmentalist and an endangered species advocate who has devoted her career to promoting “green consumerism” and environmental awareness through her artwork. In addition, she donates a portion of her paintings sold to an environmental or endangered species charity.
  • Lois Joy Johnson, Illustration, ’70, is a well-known beauty and fashion editor, who has spent 25 years interviewing, reporting and shooting about and with the best of the best. Her versatility as a writer, editor, and media spokesperson on style for the 40-plus market is well established and respected in both industries. From supermodels like Christie Brinkley, Paulina Porizkova, and Lauren Hutton to hair and makeup gurus like Frederic fekkai, Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown, to fashion icons like Diane Von Furstenberg, Vera Wang and Norma Kamali, every “name” has graced her editorial pages. Johnson is a highly sought after media pro who appears on television and radio shows. She has been a frequent contributor to The Today Show, The Early Show, Extra and CNN. As beauty & fashion director of MORE magazine from 1998 to 2008, her lively personal column was also syndicated in Knight Ridder newspapers. Johnson has given speeches on beauty, fashion and dermatology at conventions and workshops. She adored her years at Parsons and has great gratitude to her former teachers, Marvin Israel and Albert Elia who started her on the road.

Are you an Alumni?  Make sure to let us know what you’re doing these days!  Email us.  And while you’re at it, get in touch with Alumni Relations too.

[image: Single Roar, giclee print by Susan Andreasen]

Tara McPherson in Sao Paolo!

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.866898&w=425&h=350&]

This is an awesome time-lapse video of Parsons Illustration Faculty Tara McPherson creating a special art installation at Choque Cultural Gallery in Sao Paolo, Brazil back in the summertime. It surfaced awhile back (we shared it on Facebook and Twitter), but it’s still pretty awe-inspiring and is definitely worth another look.  You can see more images and commentary on this project over at the I Love Offset website.

Tara will be back teaching in the Spring and we’ll be glad to have her back. 🙂

Follow-up: NY Art Book Fair at P.S. 1


This past weekend, Illustration FT Faculty Lauren Redniss and myself attended the New York Art Book Fair and Conference at P.S. 1.

There were a zillion great things to see and here are some favorites:

1 Typography 1 Let's

  • Keiji Ito’s estactic utopia complete with rainbow bathers by the pool, parrots, zebras, and lush lawns growing pecan cookies at Gallery 360 of Japan:

3 Keiichi Tanaami cover

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Poems for Pictopia featuring Parsons Illustration folks!

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.855171&w=425&h=350&]

The 2009 Pictoplasma Conference at the House of World Cultures in Berlin brought together character designers and enthusiasts from around the world.  “Poems for Pictopia” is a short glimpse of some of the highlights of the conference and the accompanying exhibition “Prepare for Pictopia”. This rad video ALSO features our very own program chair Steven Guarnaccia, plus Alumni AJ Fosik and Motomichi Nakamura!

Follow-up: Alumni Event at SDCC

Parsons Alumni at Comic Con

Here’s a follow-up recap of Parsons Illustration at San Diego Comic-con from Angie Wojak:

Comic-con was great!  Everyone who came to the Rock Bottom event had the most wonderful, in-depth conversations and all enthusiastically thanked us for the event and said that it was different from other events they’d been to, since it offered lengthy, intimate conversations w/fellow illustrators/animators.

Guests who came included:
Peter de Seve
-Michael Davis – Early 80’s Illustration grad and writer/animator/director of Clive Owen’s “Shoot ‘Em Up”
Graham Smith (Illustration grad from mid-80’s, lives in CA, has done Rolling Stone covers among other projects)
-Tom Akel (DT grad working for MTV on a website dedicated to original comic content, I believe)
Robert Sikoryak (His panel went well!).

I can’t tell you how thrilled Peter and Michael were to chat and they sat for almost an hour looking at each other’s work and talking about their films.  Michael did this fab, brief animation of his plan for shots in Shoot ‘Em Up and based on that alone, he got the movie greenlighted and got the directing gig. He’s very cool and enthusiastic about Parsons/New School.


Thanks to Angie and everyone else involved.  See you next year, San Diego!

[pictured abovel: R. Sikoryak, Michael Davis, Peter de Seve, Graham Smith, and Angie Wojak!]

MoCCA Follow-Up Week: Christine Young


Editor’s Note: This week, we are featuring three entries by students who worked at the Parson’s Illustration tables at the MoCCA Festival this past June.  Our final narrative installment is by newly minted Illustration Alum, Christine Young.


The MoCCA Fest was so much funnnn! Even though it was really hot in there and I felt like I was about to pass out by the end of it, I would have gladly done so because it was such a great experience seeing a bunch of great art, comics, zines and shirts and meeting cool artists and people from all around the world all under one huge roof! Our Parsons Illustration table had a lot of great prints, books and zines by our fellow students (ya’ll rule), and we sold a bunch too! Among those who were there repping our department were: Beryl Chung, Sophia Chang, Katie Turner, Grace Lang, Sydney Seltzer, Kevin Lee, and Steven Guarnaccia.

Along with selling and trading, I did alot of buying cuz it’s really hard not to cuz of all the amazing things, which was very overwhelming, in the best way possible. I was running around like a school kid after lunch. There were Parsons teachers there too at their own tables such as Neil Swaab, Nora Krug and Tara McPherson selling mad stuff, ya know, no big. And, there were guest lectures by artists such as Adrian Tomine and Gary Panter who were signing stuff all day. Sophia got Adrian to sign her a poster and book, and he did a really cool doodle and I was jealous.

And soooo to sum it up, by the end of the day I went home from Mocca a very happy person with a bag full of awesome comics, zines, shirts and most importantly, a brand new list of art crushes.


Thanks for the write-up, Christine!  Make sure to check out Christine’s website and her blog to see more of her work.

MoCCA Follow-Up Week: Sophia Chang

Editor’s Note: This week, we are featuring three entries by students who worked at the Parson’s Illustration tables at the MoCCA Festival this past June.  First up, a narrative and sketches by Rising Senior Sophia Chang.


So I had the pleasure of having a table at MoCCA Festival along with other Parsons students including Katie Turner, Beryl Chung, Grace Lang and Christine Young.  Check out their stuff!

I felt like I was in a microwave the entire time, the humidity of everyone’s body sweat evaporating and condensing was absolutely delicious! I say that sarcastically. On the real though, MoCCA was an awesome experience, being in a room with upcoming artists and surrounded by printed matter! Afterall print is slowly slowly dying…

I specifically enjoyed the Norwegian, Swedish and German/Berlin tables, offering some great perspective on their visual language. Just sitting at the table and watching the different unique people pass by was an experience of its own. I started sketching down all the interesting people I saw towards the end of my stay.


Thanks for the firsthand account, Sophia!  Make sure to check out Sophia’s website and blog for more about her work.

Follow-up: Camden Dunning wins the Geneva Sound System design contest

dunning tape
Awhile back we got the official results of the Illustrated Sound contest that Illustration students from Noel Claro’s Beyond the Page class took part in earlier this year:

There were 1395 voters. The most popular design as decided by the voters is:

Tape, by Camden Dunning

The illustration students should be proud of their work – there were many positive comments left and lots of compliments. One of our favorite comments came from an executive at Bowers&Wilkins, a legendary audio manufacturer, who manages a product, the Zeppelin, that is a direct competitor of the GenevaSound Medium:

“You don’t need to enter me in the contest. I already have a Medium and we are competitors. They are all great and I thought the artist would appreciate a vote of confidence.”

Thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen.

As a reminder, here’s the official description of the project:

Design Within Reach pairs sound with color as Parsons illustration students move “beyond the page” to illustrate a one-of-a-kind vinyl skin created for the Geneva Sound System, a modern “hi-fi” with a CD player, FM radio and iPod dock all encased in a piano-lacquered wooden box. Experience the intersection of music, illustration and design, and enter to win the medium Geneva with its unique Gelaskin.

Congratulations to Camden and to all the students who participated. Also, a big thanks to Gordon and Geneva for involving our students and sponsoring the contest!