Yasi Alipour’s Exhibition at Penumbra Project Gallery

Fine Arts Faculty member Yasi Alipour’s exhibition, Dream as it Falls in the Eye, in Water, in Mirrors, is now on view at Penumbra Project Gallery (36 East 30th Street), from June 6 to August 26.

Yasi Alipour, Installation view of Dream as it Falls in the Eye, in Water, in Mirrors

From the exhibition’s press release: “Drawing connections between mathematics, art, and language, Yasi Alipour folds and unfolds papers in recursive choreographies to create intricate geometric forms that transcend the logic and rules that generate them. Similar to the paradoxical protocol of identifying a deliberate number used as a seed for algorithms that generate random numbers, Alipour’s starting point is not accidental. Once established, the algorithm remains constant, but the conditions of folding are always changing. Infinite possibilities for symmetries emerge within this space, where geometric questions become reflected in musical and improvisational thinking.”

Learn more about the exhibition here, and visit Yasi’s website here. Congratulations, Yasi!