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Spring 2021 Electives, Topics in 4D: Textile, Movement, Transformation – Tamar Zohara Ettun

Dead Sea, Tamar Ettun, Pioneer Works, 2019

Topics in 4D: Textile, Movement, Transformation

PUFA 3240, CRN 1925

This class will explore the interaction and integration of new media with textile work, including weavings, tapestries, fiber arts, inflatables, and wearable sculptures. We will focus on the collision of traditional textile craftsmanship with installation, performance and video, and observe how the old and new extend and challenge each other. In the first half of the semester, students will learn a variety of skills such as natural/synthetic fabric dyeing, sewing, pattern making, weaving, and collage. Techniques are designed to work from home using home supplies and economical materials. Later the students will implement these techniques and incorporate them into their own 4D projects. The students will research artists that have pushed the boundaries of textile within time-based work, including: Nick Cave, Cecilia Vicuna, Ann Hamilton, Eric N. Mack, to harness what they learn when creating their own work. Students will meet with a variety of makers and see art spaces that exist on the seam between 4D and textiles.

Prerequisite: Core Studio 1: 4D