Sej Sanghvi

Artist Statement

I am an India-born, New York-based artist who creates installations, projections, and social art as an intersection of mindfulness and art. My work investigates bodily experiences that lead to insights. I am interested in creating experiences and practices that make us aware of consciousness. 

For me, inner freedom is the most important thing. When the body is in repetition, the body transcends to the state of awareness. Using repetitive acts, I materialize consciousness in installation art by framing various sets of instructions for the body to perform. In my practice, I prioritize the visitor’s inner experience over physical objects, which lets viewers engage in silent conversations with themselves. 

My work explores the tension between detachment and engagement. The key to opening the door to inner freedom comes from a singular concept: presence. By being present in the moment, Here and Now, transformation can be achieved.

Artist Bio

Sej Sanghvi is a contemporary visual artist pursuing a Master of Fine Arts at Parsons School of Design, The New School, New York with a merit-based scholarship. Her work has been showcased at the India Art Festival with her collection “Faustian Ivory” and at the Mumbai Art Fair with “A Dreamer, That’s What She Was.”