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UX Designer for Oracle

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UX Designer
We are actively seeking designers who possess a desire to revolutionize the ways in which business is visualized. Oracle is already a leader in Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Performance Management; with the explosion of available data sources, giant leaps in performance with Oracle eXalytics In-Memory Machine, new visualizations and the convergence of mobile devices, social networking, and the Internet, businesses and users alike are looking for a quantum leap in the ways in which they understand, engage with, and act upon business data.

The designers we’re looking for realize that studying new interactive experiences from a distance does not yield the depth of understanding that actively seeking out and living those experiences provides. They realize that inspiration for next-generation business software experiences will not come from business software, but instead from videogames, interactive art and advertising, and creative content production. The ideal candidate’s dream job is working with a small team to design experiences which work well, look good, and help people do their work better.

Job Title: Senior User Experience Designer
Department Name: BI/EPM User Experience

Department Description
The BI/EPM User Experience team provides product design leadership for Oracle’s EPM and BI products. We work closely with development, product management, users and other stakeholders, bridging the gap between functional requirements and creative solutions to make our EPM and BI software as delightful as it is functional and powerful.

Job Description
You will develop and apply software design/usability processes in the definition, design and evaluation of BI/EPM software. You will produce concept sketches, wireframes, and high fidelity mockups and prototypes. In addition you may develop user profiles, provide product usability, evaluation and support to product development teams, and may assist in developing and implementing design concepts.

Job Requirements
Work is fast-paced and complex. You will need to rapidly absorb different business domains, processes and customer needs. While we recognize that degrees in various design-related fields of study are useful, we understand that excellent designers often have backgrounds in other fields as well. You will, however, need 3-5 years of professional software design experience and an exceptional portfolio that demonstrates your impact and success. Your potential will be evaluated by your portfolio and in interviews.

Required Skills
Your portfolio should demonstrate that you have excellent analytical and creative thinking abilities and that you can work across various domains and styles.

Your portfolio and your interviews should demonstrate that you can communicate eloquently both orally and in written documentation and that you can articulate ideas through effective visual presentation

You’ll need a great attitude and the ability to get things done, whether working independently or collaborating with a team

Your experience will evince an ability to both follow and establish practices and guidelines for designing user interfaces

Tools and Technology
Proficiency with the “usual suspects” for a designer: Photoshop, Illustrator, Visio, etc.
Bonus points for experience with HTML, CSS and Javascript
Extra bonus points for experience designing and/or prototyping mobile or tablet applications

If interested, please email your resume to Dan Workman at

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