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Two shows now on display in the Parsons Photography Facilities

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The School of Art, Media and Technology is invited to view two shows of student work currently on display at 66 Fifth Ave on the 5th and 3rd floors.











3 Gallery: Picture Quality
Featuring work by:
Jeanie Choi, Ashley Wu, Charles Caesar, Adam Leon, Jon Ervin, Mark Fitton, Irina Lastochkina
Quality is defined as the standard of something measured against other things of a similar kind. The conditions of quality, however, are subjected to a specific place and a specific time. The parameters that determine the quality of a photograph are fluid and are influenced by related and non-related variables. An image that may have once been seen as poor quality in one time and place may be embraced and celebrated by another. This selection of images creates a method of comparing, contrasting, and reaffirming one another. Some images share similar content, form, and materiality. These photographs are valid examples of distinct and specific qualities.

3 gallery is an exhibition space for Parsons AMT Photography students.
Located at 66 Fifth Ave on the 3rd floor, the gallery presents
two to three shows a semester displaying a diverse array of photographic
media, practices and concepts. 3 gallery shows are organized and
curated by George Pitts, Director of Photographic Practices, Joy Drury Cox,
Facilities Manager, Lisa Gonzalez, a senior in the Parsons Photography Program, and Alfonso Chavez, a junior in the Parsons Photography Program.
All inquiries and submissions can be sent to













The CASE: Found Photography

Featuring work by
Amy Buckley, Casey Dorobek, Jonathan Gardenhire, and Ashley Wu

Responses to this assignment from Leslie Grant’s Sophomore Seminar:

Visit a flea market or thrift store and choose a found photograph. Go out into the world and find a photograph from someone else’s story, a photo that is new to you. It can be a family snapshot, a studio portrait, etc. – but must be a vernacular image, not a photograph from a magazine or a commercial image. Why did you chose this particular one? What did you respond to in the image? Create a series of photographs using this image as a starting point. For example, continue the narrative you imagine this photograph tells. Or, focus on formal elements and ignore the content. Even, create the future with this image as a representation of the past. Etc.

The CASE is a space on the 5th floor of 66 Fifth Ave open for Parsons Photography students and classes to display recent work. Contact for scheduling.

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