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Time To ChWerk! Chill + Work with the ILLESTrators

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ChWerk_print pic(“chill+work” mentorship)


The ILLESTrators are a group of about 4-5 highly-skilled, reliable, superstar set of Illustration Seniors who will host an hour to engage with Sophomore and Junior level Illustration majors to offer low-key critiques, peer-to-peer advice, mentorship, activities, etc.


“ChWerk Time” is power hour of Chill + Work time. Students who need a moment to relax and relieve stress can do so while being in the company of people who are “fired up” with their own projects. It inspires the “chillers” by seeing other works-in-progress while also giving the “workers” a sounding-board to help them move forward with their projects.


– To forge relationships and camaraderie amongst the different academic levels within the Illustration community.

– To help Sophomores and Juniors map out their experience as rising Professional Illustrators on multiple levels: Illustration/AMT/Parsons/ New School/New York City/Globe/Profession

– To increase awareness of specific internal and external opportunities that exist for young Illustrators without much professional experience.

– To increase the spirit of a “collective” and to get students in the mindset of working together and overcome the fear of sharing their work with others.

– To offer students a peer-drive space of mentorship to share the ideas embedded within their work, what it means to them, and how to translate that to a large audience.

ChWerk sessions are on Tuesdays/Wednesdays from 3–4pm

in the Glass Room Lobby (L101) of 2 West 13th St

(Next to the gallery)

Attend one of the following days!

October 21st

October 27th

November 3rd

November 11th

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